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About Us


Stickerfitti Products:


Question: What are the recommended uses for Stickerfitti Stickers?

Answer: Stickerfitti stickers work perfectly for all your sticker needs. They can be used on cards, letters, gifts and gift bags, notebooks, pictures, party favors, school projects, seasonal decorations, crafts projects, and room decorations.


Feel free to contact us with further questions.


Question: What types of sticker products and packages do you sell?

Answer: Stickerfitti® features standard ink on paper, innovation, 3D, and embellished sticker formats in Everyday and seasonal designs and formats. Our products are available in activity kits, keepsake packaging, sticker books, 3D shapes and flat packs. We offer the largest portfolio of leading character and entertainment licenses and proprietary designs.


Question: Where can I buy Stickerfitti Products?

Answer: Everyday Licensed and Non-Licensed products can be found at retailers such as Wal-Mart, Big Lots and Walgreens.


Seasonal Licensed and Non-Licensed products can be found at national and regional retailers such as Wal-Mart, Wegman's, Kroger's, Fred Meyer, Kinney Drug, SuperValu, True Value, CVS, Boscov's, Giant Eagle, Deals, and Christmas Tree Shops.


Question: How do I contact Stickerfitti?

Answer: You can send an email to us at:


Question: Are Stickerfitti Stickers safe for use?

Answer: All Stickerfitti Stickers have been tested and certified safe and non-toxic.



Swashies Stickers:


Question: Where can I buy Swashies Stickers?

Answer: Swashies Stickers will be on sale in select Walmart stores nationwide from 8/27 through 9/23 in an end of aisle display.


Question: What makes Swashies washable?

Answer: Swashies Stickers are made of a unique sticker substrate that combines a water-sensitive paper with a water washable adhesive.


Question: How do I remove Swashies Stickers?

Answer: For best results, wet the sticker with warm water allowing sticker to soak up water for 20 seconds. If on a vertical surface, dab with wet paper towel to fully wet the sticker and wait 20 seconds.


Next, use a sponge and warm, soapy water and apply medium pressure to wash the sticker away. Repeat as needed to completely remove the sicker and any adhesive.


Dishwasher safe items decorated with stickers can be placed in the dishwasher to remove stickers. Washer-safe clothing and cloth materials decorated with stickers can be placed in the washing machine with a warm water setting and wash soap. Be sure the items are labeled as safe for the washing machine and warm water.


Question: How can I use Swashies Stickers?

Answer: Swashies stickers work, feel and look like regular stickers. They can be used like any other stickers and are great for all your craft, decorating and personalization projects.


Question: Are Swashies Stickers safe for use?

Answer: Swashies Stickers have been tested and are certified safe and non-toxic.